Sandbox Server Status offline
Frequently Asked Questions
Technical Questions
  • What languages does the server support?

    The test client will be available in English and Russian. Any support will be available in Russian, English and other European languages.

  • Why is the test server unavailable?

    Sometimes we deploy updates to the server. When this happens, it has the “Unavailable” status, and you will be unable to log in. You can try to log in again in an hour or two. If Sandbox is still not available, please check the test forum. There you can find notifications about the temporary unavailability of the server.

  • Why do I have a high ping?

    The Sandbox server is located in Frankfurt (Germany) and has a lower bandwidth than live game servers. Depending on where you log in, it is likely that your ping may be higher than usual.

  • Is there a queue for the server?

    We expect some excitement after releasing updates. If the number of input requests exceeds the maximum supported number of concurrent authorizations, you will have to wait in a queue.

  • Why can I not find opponents to play with as quickly as the live servers?

    The number of players in Sandbox is smaller than on live servers, so the matchmaking may take longer than usual.

Testing Setup
Rules of Conduct
  • What rules of conduct will there be on the server?

    The test server and the Sandbox forum adhere to the same rules as regular game servers. Our goal is to maintain a constructive and positive atmosphere during testing. Testers that demonstrate toxic behavior towards other participants will have their access to Sandbox revoked without a further right of appeal.

  • Does Wargaming monitor what is happening on the test server regarding swearing, etc.?

    We’re monitoring the behaviour of players in Sandbox, the same as the live server. If you notice that someone in the game is behaving inappropriately, please use the reporting system. Testers that demonstrate toxic behavior towards other participants will have their access to Sandbox revoked without a further right of appeal.

Entry Criteria
  • Why not to give access to everyone?

    Sandbox is a small and fast-paced environment where developers can work together with targeted groups of players on the new balance and experiment with new gameplay elements. This environment should be a positive and constructive ecosystem, in which developers and testers can collaborate effectively. We are looking for positive and involved tankers, and are inviting new participants every few weeks so that Sandbox can remain active.

  • Will all players from Sandbox 1.0 keep their access in the 2nd iteration?

    Yes, players who actively participated in the test last year (played at least one battle on the test server), will be granted access to the 2nd iteration. Those that didn’t can apply to join the 2nd iteration.

  • How can I apply to be a tester?

    Each tanker can apply to participate in testing. Visit the appropriate page  to submit your application or to inquire about the status of your application. If you are granted access, you’ll be notified via email and in the game client.

Getting Started
  • Where can I download the client for the test server?

    If your application was approved, you will receive the link for the test server in your notification email.

  • My application was accepted, what should I do now?

    Once you have been granted access to the test server, you will receive an email to the mailbox linked to your account and a notification in the game client.

    When granted access, download the special Sandbox game client by following the link in the email notification.

    Then, head to the “Password Reset” page (the link will be in the email as well) and follow the instructions to create a separate password for Sandbox. It won’t affect the password you use for the game’s live servers in any way.

    In the popup window: enter the email address linked to your ID and text from the picture (CAPTCHA).

    Then click “Continue” to an email with the link for creating a new password.

    Open the link and press “Create Password.”

    Finally, log in to the Sandbox client using your new password to join the test.

  • Do I need to create a new password for Sandbox if I participated in the 1st iteration?

    No. If you participated in the 1st iteration of Sandbox, you don’t have to create a new password. Just download the Sandbox client and log in with the password you used for the 1st iteration of testing.

  • How do I get information about new tests and the start of the test?

    The main source of information about Sandbox is this blog. Here, we’ll inform you about the testing process and publish detailed information about each phase’s agenda.

    Players who participate in the tests can also browse the Sandbox forum.

    Please note that the gameplay features in Sandbox are not finalized and some may never appear in the game.

  • How can I find other participants of the test?

    To meet other testers, join the chat in the game client.

  • Where can I leave my feedback about the test server?

    You can share your opinion about the test server on the Sandbox forum.

Earnings & In-game purchases
  • Will I have in-game currency when I join? How do I earn it?

    Yes. When testing begins, you are given a one-time credit of 5,000,000 Credits and 1,000,000 Free Experience points to your Sandbox account. Following that, you will be given 500,000 Credits every day for your 1st battle, an additional 50,000 Credits to regular earnings per battle, as well as 15 Gold for each battle where you contributed to its outcome.

    Important: You have a separate Sandbox account and earnings in it do not affect the number of Credits, Gold, and XP you have on regular servers

  • Can I buy Premium shells with credits?

    They can only be purchased using Gold.

  • Why are Premium shells available only for Gold?

    Fighting enemies with a full load of Premium rounds would disturb the test’s aim to reproduce normal situations in Random Battles. To avoid this from happening, Premium shells will be available for Gold and the amount of HEAT shells per battle will be restricted to the maximum amount on the main game servers.

  • What about equipment costs?

    Equipment can be purchased with Credits and will cost just as much as it does on regular servers.

  • How do I demount equipment?

    It can be done only for Gold.