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Apply Now!
Apply Now!

To apply, head to your regional page:

Please keep in mind that you will not receive an instant reply. Processing your application will take some time.

Getting Started

Once you have been granted access to the test server, you will receive:

  • An email to the mailbox linked to your account
  • Notification in the game client

When granted access, download the special Sandbox game client by following the link in the email notification and create a new password.

Then, head to the password restoration page (link will be provided in the email as well) and follow the instructions to create a password:

  • In the popup window: enter the email address linked to your ID and text from the picture (CAPTCHA).
  • Then click “Continue” to an email with the link for creating a new password.
  • Open the link and press “Create Password.”

Finally, log in to the Sandbox client using your new password to join the test.

If you participated in the 1st iteration of Sandbox, you don’t have to create a new password. Just download the Sandbox client and get started using the password you had then.

Important: Access to the test server can be terminated or restricted at any time for non-compliance with the EULA, Terms of service or other terms of Wargaming. Restrictions for actions committed when playing on the test server may also be applied to the main account of the offending player.