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It’s time to test again! In an effort to deliver a more immersive experience, we totally reworked the World of Tanks graphics engine. Utilizing its power, we set out to overhaul the game’s maps. So far, we have recreated twelve of them, bringing the visuals to a whole new level of quality. Essentially, it’s a full graphical overhaul with a new lighting system, terrain, water, vegetation, and a plethora of other effects that add an extra layer of polish to the whole game.

Twelve fully reworked maps deploy on the test server October 11, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of them. Read up on the changes and join us in testing their performance, squashing bugs, and honing the overhauled graphics.

  • 01 New Graphics Engine and HD Maps

    World of Tanks was a bit of a looker for its time back in a day, but it soon lost much of its visual appeal. We pumped up the game’s looks several times by simply tweaking its engine. However, it proved to be a mad race against the technology that was moving a lot faster than we possibly could. The BigWorld engine simply couldn’t keep up with it. By 2014, we realized that reworking all in-game content to deliver better visuals was like shooting ourselves in the foot as it would have caused severe performance issues. We went the other way, and brought client engine development in-house to best tailor it to the game’s needs. It took our graphics programmers three years to bring it to the cutting edge of technology with no adverse effect on performance.

    We’re excited to walk you through the improvements that took this long to implement and explain how each new technology redefines the game’s looks.