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We are bringing you more epic battles! The Frontline test now offers two 30v30 setups. The first introduces a few new mechanics, while the latter lets you try familiar modes on larger maps with twice as many vehicles per team.

  • Massive 9 km2 clashes across the Epic Normandy map with unique objectives for each team, five-man-strong Platoons, Garage-based redeployment, and service during battle
  • Huge Tier X battles with Standard and Encounter modes’ rules across two all-new arenas—the 1.2×1.2 km Grand Canyon and the 1.4×1.4 km Sunny Valley

At this point, our main goal is assessing these scenarios, together with you, to define the strongest gameplay components. We’ll also gather stats to be used later in developing Frontline’s economy and fine-tuning gameplay logic (goal setting, objectives, etc.). Where we go from here is just as much up to you as it is us!

We’ve done our best to create something truly worthwhile, and hope that you’re excited to jump in and share your thoughts.

  • 01 Frontline: Epic Normandy Test Wrap-up

    After crawling out from under the deluge of data we collected, we’re extremely excited to brief you on the results of the Frontline test. Its massive battles with double-sized teams, respawns and resupplying really clicked with everyone. We’re pleased with what we’ve seen and will continue working on Frontline together with you. All the feedback and associated stats also helped us identify elements that require revision and/or improvement.

    Before we get into details, we’d like to thank those who joined us on the server, poured hours into playtesting the new mode, and supplied the devs with substantial feedback. We are always listening and absorbing the data as we think about our next steps! Now that we have time to sit down and share them with you, let’s get to it.